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            Find out where to report a food complaint or concern

            We cannot provide medical advice. If you think something you ate or drank made you sick, seek medical attention.

            If you think the food you've purchased might pose a risk to health and safety, report it to the proper authority.

            Is your permanent residence in the province of Quebec?

            • Yes
            • No

              What is your food complaint or concern related to?

              • Food poisoning (foodborne illness)
              • Allergic reaction
              • Injury due to a food product
              • Food for babies or infants
              • Issues with a food product

                What is the issue?

                • Foreign objects
                • Natural objects
                • Quality issue
              • Incorrect labelling
              • Restaurant or retail stores

                What is the issue

                • I have an issue related to a restaurant
                • I have an issue related to a grocery or retail store
              • Potentially fraudulent or misrepresented product
              • Caffeinated energy drinks
              • Other
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