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            Food licences

            Under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), certain food businesses will require a licence to conduct one or more activities.

            Services and information

            Who needs a licence

            Answer a few questions with this interactive tool to know whether you need to apply.

            Before you apply

            Steps to apply, change a licence, food categories, if you already have a licence or registration.

            Activities needing a licence

            Trade within and outside Canada, manufacturing, processing, treating, preserving, grading, packaging, labelling, sector-specific rules.

            Importing food with a licence

            Rules for importing with a licence and standard error messages.

            New regulation timelines

            When you'll need a food licence for your business.

            Create a My CFIA account

            How to sign up for business use, create profiles, and assign contacts.

            Trading food

            Rules for trading within a province, between provinces, or with another country.

            Regulatory requirements

            The rules that give us the authority to give, renew, amend, suspend or cancel a food licence.

            Find a licence

            Find out if a business is licensed under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

            Food licence overview

            How it works and why it matters in English, French, and 10 other languages.


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