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            Animal health

            Terrestrial and aquatic animal health, animal pathogens, livestock feed, veterinary biologics, Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada.


            Services and information

            Terrestrial animals

            Biosecurity, diseases, transport, traceability, import, export, hatcheries, Accredited Veterinarians Program.

            Aquatic animals

            Biosecurity, diseases, domestic movement, import, export, surveillance.

            Animal pathogens

            Containment and safety, standards and guidelines, import program, facility certification, contacts.

            Livestock feeds

            Approval and registration, ingredients, novel feeds, research with feeds, medicated feeds, regulatory guidance, inspection program, consultations, industry notices, regulatory modernization.

            Veterinary biologics

            Licensed products, guidelines, forms, regulations, memos, environmental assessments.

            Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada

            Roles and responsibilities, statements, veterinary student internship and employment opportunities.

            Industry guidance

            Guidance for inspectors, partners and stakeholders to comply with applicable acts and regulations.


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