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            Recall Glossary

            Reasons for recall

            A food product contains ingredients such as peanuts, milk or eggs that can cause adverse reactions in hypersensitive individuals.
            A food product is genetically modified by science that is not approved for use in food.
            A food product contains high levels of chemical or chemical residues, such as lead, mercury or pesticides that, at certain levels, can cause adverse health symptoms.
            Extraneous Material
            A food product contains material from an outside source. This can include harmful and non-harmful material, such as glass, hair or parasites.
            A food product has a label that bears an inaccurate claim that poses a health or safety risk.
            Marine Biotoxin
            A food product is contaminated with natural toxins found in fish and shellfish that may pose a health or safety risk.
            A food product is contaminated by a micro-organism, such as bacteria, viruses or parasites that has the possibility to cause adverse health symptoms.
            Non-permitted Food Ingredients
            A food product contains a non-permitted ingredient that has the potential to cause adverse health symptoms.
            A food product contains levels of a vitamin, mineral or other nutrient that does not meet federal regulations and may cause a health risk.
            A food product is intentionally contaminated, with the intent to cause harm to the consumer or to a private company.
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