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            About CFIA

            As a science-based regulator, the CFIA has a broad mandate that encompasses food safety, animal health, plant health and international market access.


            Former CFIA employees may be eligible for general compensation payments:

            Government of Canada compensating former employees for damages caused by the Phoenix pay system.

            Services and information

            About us

            Mandate, mission, vision, statement of values.

            Organizational structure

            Leadership and governance structure.


            Latest news, prosecution bulletins, media relations and public enquiries.

            Our priorities

            Our commitment to continuous improvement.


            Groups we work with to support and meet food safety standards and improve consumer protection and awareness.

            Consultative groups

            Expert Advisory Committee, Ministerial Advisory Board, Value Chain Roundtables.

            Statement of rights and service

            Principles to govern our interactions with producers, consumers, industry and other stakeholders.

            Compliance continuum

            Our approach to regulatory compliance.


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